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Dmitry Matskevich

Dmitry Matskevich

Male |Moscow, Russian Federation

About standard ISO/IEC 14763-3 testing fiber optic

23 Jun

2009 02:55 AM (CST)

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About the class

About the class

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Standard ISO/IEC 14763-3 is about systems and methods for inspection and testing of optical fibre cabling. This seminar is about fiber optic, rules of standard ISO/IEC 14763-3, testing fibre optical cabling lines. Read Igor Panov (Fluke Networks) and Dmitry Matskevich (autor of russian well-know internet project www.ockc.ru about SCS & DC ) !!! Only for russian speaking people !!!

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Dmitry Matskevich

Dmitry Matskevich

Moscow, Russian Federation

Autor of russian well-know internet projects http://ockc.ru about SCS http://dcnt.ru about Data Centers

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